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Portable Weather Instruments and Wind Meters

Welcome to NTech USA

Thank you for visiting NTech USA. NTECH USA serves as a distribution and marketing office for North and South America. We sell to dealers only, but welcome any inquiries on our products.

NTech USA has an exclusive arrangement with JDC Electronic SA, based in Switzerland. Founded in 1984, JDC Electronic SA is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of sport instruments. A huge effort has been made to distribute these products worldwide. Twenty years later JDC ELECTRONIC SA is considered to be the world leader in the wind measuring instrumentation.

NTech USA is dedicated to provide complete distribution and support for all JDC Electronic instruments. Through our unique arrangement.



Released in 2009

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The NEW Eole is available! New design, new features, and now waterproof! The best omni-directional windmeter available!
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The NEW Flowatch is available in April. New features include a telescopic rod, water proof design, and averaging features.
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The NEW Meteos will be launched in May. Featuring omni-directional wind speed and temperature.
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